Campaign design Pro

All ads sent to us for conversion need to be in a pdf, png, jpg, or doc file.  All revisions must have a working file.  

All ad design orders take 3-5 business days from the date we receive the information for the ad. Once we receive the information, we will get started on the design.  You will have 3 rough drafts before we link the ad for your final copy.  The ad image will be the yours to keep.  The link will be linked for 1 yr.  If within that year you need the ad revised, simply order an ad revision and send the information for the revised ad.  

Option 4

Ad Revision     $50.00

Option 3:

Ad Conversion    $50.00

Option 2

Ad Design     $150.00 

(Only for customers who have purchased the $399 package with Email Marketing)

Please fill out the contact information below before ordering your ad design.  Once you have submitted the information,   choose from the options below to place your order.

Call now to find out how: 1-800-359-0156

Option 1:  

Ad Design     $199.00